Achieving Abundance through
SELF Optimisation


SELF optimisation

Work with me to help elevate your personal & business mastery using the "SELF" methodology to get abundance in business and life.


What I Offer:

I provide high performance coaching for leaders & new parents to improve their quality of life, by using extreme mindfulness & wellness tools.

  1. Courage Integration  - if you are seeking to overcome your fear when it comes to decision making, acting with awareness, public speaking, or simply breaking out of your comfort zone to grow as a person. 
  2. Optimised Conscious Communication & relationships - to help you create more effective communication in all your relationships so you can get more value from your time and energy invested. Learning the art of conscious communication with your child, spouse, family, friends, colleagues and the digital world is a very powerful life tool. 
  3. Time & Energy Management for improved productivity - Find the perfect balance with my ASPIRE framework to operate and continue to grow as your higher self. Show up with more calm, clarity, confidence and a higher completion rate of goals.  
  4.  Family Management (home and away) - Having done over 70 flights and 30 destinations with my daughter, I figured systems that work great at home or the temporary home when travelling. The strategies offered here are for creating a environment that is based on home-systems that reduces stress and improves family relationships. 


Faraaz was instrumental in helping develop our presentation at a Professional women' network event recently. His coaching helped amplify my storytelling techniques to connect deeper with the audience, and help create a more interesting and interactive session. I strongly recommend Faraaz for presentation coaching.

Faraaz's insight into how to deliver a story embedded with deeper emotions and meaning, helped me deliver my presentation with more clarity and confidence. I am very glad to have him as a communication coach who can help support and assist me in raising my game for presentations.

Faraaz's ability for honest storytelling in a very relevant way, aided me in removing the weeds of negativity, to focus my energy on the seeds of positivity & possibility. His presence radiates positivism and brings out people's inner strength.


Work with me

To empower and serve others to make all of us the best version of ourselves is my motto.

I love to serve at my highest potential to create impact. That’s why I choose to work with a selected number of leaders & new parents every year who are already making strides to the top, yet dream of creating even more impact.

By working with a select few, I can provide laser-focused coaching to help you find the perfect balance between personal and business mastery, accelerating growth in both areas,  and multiply the impact further, beyond what you ever dreamed possible. Are you ready for the challenge to push new boundaries?


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