My Story

Where we start is rarely where we end up. I should know this from my wandering lifestyle. I have lived my life across Fiji, New Zealand, and Norway, spending just over a decade in each. Being grateful to have the opportunity to travel to over 70 countries, my vision is to see the world as one global playground for us all to live, thrive, love, and prosper. However, at present, this is not the case as there is so much work to be done to bring this vision to reality for all.

My life has been blessed to allow me to meet amazing people around the world. A life where I choose to see opportunity instead of limitations. So when I became a parent, the general message I got from people influenced by the societal limitations & false boundaries, was that I need to slow down and not travel with a baby because it is unsafe.

So being an activist by nature, I set on a social project to debunk the myth that parents have to live within limitations. With my daughter having travelled to 30 countries before she was 3 years old, I realised my vision needed to be refined towards empowering parents, in helping them move past fear, limiting beliefs, and live family life on their own terms.

So I set on my mission to help parents and leaders create less stressful lives so they can create happier homes for their loved ones to thrive in. Collectively happier homes will lead to happier communities, eventually leading to a happier planet.

With this vision now tattooed in my soul, I have been blessed to have continuous affiliation with coaches, mentors, and philanthropists, who allow me to grow as a student and contribute as a teacher. I am lucky to call them my friends and they have been pivotal in shaping who I am as a person, transforming my mindset towards greatness, and what I have achieved as an influential thought leader. And because of the great value added to my life by these great teachers and mentors, it has inspired me to do the same for others.

I have poured my heart into my books, courses, and coaching programs so others can also learn that there are no limitations! and you can create your own abundant reality.


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